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Cee-Jay, serving Hawaii State with auto repair shop supplies.

Buy your auto shop supplies from Cee-Jay! Cee-Jay is one of the nation’s top suppliers of auto shop supplies. We have the supplies you need to keep your Hawaii State auto shop supplied and organized! From plastic seat covers and floor mats to purchase order and cash receipt books, from keytags to early bird night drop boxes you'll find it at Cee-Jay. Cee-Jay is your auto shop supply store.

Supplies from Cee-Jay help to keep your repair shop in Hawaii State supplied and organized!

Cee-Jay - Auto Shop Supplies - Hawaii State

$72.00   $50.00
3,000 Arrow Keytags - WEB SPECIAL !!!!!!
SKU: Keytag Special

WEB SPECIAL 3,000 Keytags

Plain or Imprinted with Stock Logo's (you can mix & match)

  • Plain Keytags are available in Seven colors
  • Imprinted with Stock Logo's

   Check out our Key Tags Imprinted with Stock Logos

$40.00   $33.00
Econo Plastic Seat Covers (1.0 mil)
SKU: 600E

These seat covers come in a roll.

Econo Plastic Seat Covers (1.0 mil) in a box

  • 1.0 mil
  • 200 seat covers in a roll.
  • Fits any size bucket or bench seat
  • Made from heavy duty automotive film
Service Control Colored Hang-On
SKU: 120EC

Note: Colored Hang-ons only available with the number sequence 0-999

  • 1,000 per box
  • Numbered 0 to 999
  • 10 pads of 100 in each package
  • Hangs From Rear View Mirror
  • Size 5-1/2" x 6 -1/2"
  • Includes Customer Claim Check & Numbered Key Tag Attachment
  • COLOR CODE YOUR SERVICE WRITERS - Organize Your Service Area
Service Control Numbers
SKU: 120E
  • 1,000 per package
  • 10 pads of 100 in each package


  • Hangs From Rear View Mirror
  • Size 7 1/4 " x 6 1/2"
  • Includes Customer Claim Check & Numbered Key Tag Attachment
  • Organize Your Service Area
Work Ticket Holders - 11" x 13"
SKU: 420P
  • Premium Quality!
  • Size: 11" x 13"
  • 25 per pack (Except Trial Size)
  • Constructed to last with heavy duty soft plastic
  • Stitched for long life, not glued or melted
  • Available with RED stitching to identify "Customer Waiting" =See Part#420PR
  • No sharp plastic edges
  • Appointment Cards: Buy our 2-part carbonless appointment cards. Appointment cards make keeping track of clients and appointments easy and organized.
  • Auto Masking Systems: Buy auto masking, car cover, systems for both small and large cars make. Masking systems stop overspray contamination on vehicles and surrounding vehicles.
  • Auto Repair Forms: Auto repair forms and work order invoices from Cee-Jay help to keep your auto repair shop in Hawaii State organized and efficient! Auto repair forms come with consecutive numbers. Personalized auto repair forms are customized with your Hawaii shop's logo, company information and address.
  • Automotive Tags: Auto tags are just another way that Cee-Jay helps to keep your auto shop in Hawaii State organized! Our automotive tags come in a variety of styles and colors. Kleer-Bak Stock Stickers, our most popular sticker, are fade proof and have a clear plastic film with permanent adhesive that seals sticker to windows. .The Consecu-Tags comes in consecutive numbers.
  • Customer Service Items and Supplies: Cee-Jay has a variety of customer service items and supplies: customer service mirror hangers, auto dealer service mirror hangers, custom personalized plastic license plate frames and much more.
  • Daily Time Forms, Job Tickets & Work Tickets: Daily time and job tickets let you keep track of important details and specific repair needs. Work tickets are an important supply for your auto repair shop in Hawaii State.
  • Work Ticket Holders & Repair Order Holders: Protect your work tickets and service repair forms from damage or lost. With job ticket holders you can keep all documents related to specific job in one convenient place. Cee-Jay has 6 different kinds of premium quality work ticket holders and repair order holders.
  • Racks & Tubs: Racks are a vital part of organization of your work tickets, work orders, repair orders, time cards, files and other important paper work. Available in 12 or 18 pocket configurations.
  • Dispensers: Our Heavy-duty metal dispenser dispenses: seat cover rolls, floor mat rolls, parts bag rolls, key tags, dispatch numbers, static cling service reminders and more. Our wall dispenser dispenses: tire bags, parts bags, plastic floor mats, service reminders and anything on a roll.
  • Early Bird Envelopes, Night Drop Envelopes, Key Drop Envelopes & Drop Box Envelopes: Our night drop and key drop envelopes can be personalized with your business name, address and phone number.
  • Key Drop Envelope Dispensers & Early Bird Dispensers: We have 2 different styles of key drop envelopes and night drop dispensers. These quality dispensers help insure the safety of your early bird customers keys and automobiles.
  • Floor Mats: Cee-Jay is the place to buy floor mats for your auto repair shop in Hawaii State. Floor mat styles include: paper floor mats, adhesive plastic floor mats, economy floor mats, large floor mats, environmentally friendly green floor mats. Serving Hawaii State with shop supplies!
  • Keytags: Keytags are used by real estate, hotels, motels, law enforcement agencies, car dealerships, banks, property managers, auto repair shops and many other businesses in Hawaii State. Cee-Jay has a large variety of quality keytags including: arrow keytags, customized preferred customer keytags, imprinted keytags, florescent keytags and much more.
  • Key Cabinets, Key Racks & Key Panels: It is important to keep key safe and organized. Our key racks and panels come in: 28 hook, 30 hook, 60 hook, 100 hook, combo locking key cabinets, key locking cabinets and hanging key panels for your Hawaii State shop wall.
  • Paper Funnels: Cee-Jay has disposable paper funnels for both you and your customers and premium funnels customized with your Hawaii State company's logo.
  • Paper Funnel dispensers: Our Deluxe Funnel Dispenser can be used inside or outside. It is made of Heavy-duty stainless steel with all-weather finish and weather-proof cap. Holds 250 paper funnels.
  • Part Bags & Disposable Shop Gloves: Buy part bags and shop gloves from Cee-Jay! Our disposable shop gloves are: allergy free, powder free, latex free and resistant to most chemicals. Our shop part bags are strong, durable and come in large and small sizes.
  • Preferred Customer Cards & Tags: Preferred customer cards and tags are a perfect way to encourage your customers to return to your Hawaii State shop for more great service.
  • Purchase Order Books & Cash Receipt Books: Purchase order books and cash receipt books are: customized with company name and address, 3-part carbonless, have 4 forms per page and consecutive numbering. Cee-Jay has the shop supplies you need to keep your record keeping accurate and organized.
  • Plastic Seat Covers & Car Seat Protectors: Protect your customers cars from grease and oil stains with plastic seat covers.
  • Steering Wheel Covers: Our steering wheel covers are fully elasticized and slip resistant. Gear shift covers and truck steering wheel covers available also.
  • Service Control Caps: For complete service control we offer slogans and the letters A through Z. Slogans and letters are available on both Flags and Caps.
  • Service Control Numbers, Service Dispatch Numbers: We have service dispatch numbers that hang on your mirror, dispatch numbers with consecutive numbers, color coded numbers and service control numbers with keytag attachment.
  • Service Reminders & Service Record Cards: Service reminders and service record cards are imprinted with your business name, address and phone number. Available in a variety of styles.
  • Service Repair Tags, Service Tags & Service Cards: Service repair tags are an inexpensive and efficient way to identify service repair items in your Hawaii State auto repair shop.
  • Thank You Service Cards: Thank you service cards are a great way to give your customer something they can store in their car that has your phone number and Hawaii State companies information.
  • Shop Trash Bags & Hazardous Waste Bags: Buy hazardous waste bags and auto shop trash bags from Cee-Jay! Hazardous waste bags are 55 gallon yellow heavy duty bags. Shop bags com in: heavy duty, 10 gallon, 15 gallon, 35 gallon, 45 gallon, 55 gallon, 62 gallon, 1.0 mil, 1.25 mil and 1.5 mil
  • Tire Supplies & Tire Tags: Our Tire Tags use the best adhesive on the market and they stick directly to the thread surface of the tire. They come in black and white, colored and florescent.
  • Premium Tire Bags: Cee-Jay is the place to buy tire bags and premium tire bags. Tire bags show you customers that you care by protecting their upholstery and carpets from dirty tires and grease.

Cee-Jay, Serving Hawaii State with quality auto shop repair supplies: