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Cee-Jay, serving Indiana State with Warehouse Supplies, Pallet Control Cones and Inventory Control Cones

Buy warehouse supplies for your Indiana warehouse from Cee-Jay. We have a variety of supplies for your warehouse, loading dock or stockroom. From keytags, arrow keytags, and key cabinets to pallet control caps and security control cones. Our pallet control caps are great for organizing, sorting and marking pallets.

Supplies from Cee-Jay help to keep your warehouse and stockroom in Indiana State supplied organized, safe and efficient!

Cee-Jay - Warehouse Supplies - Indiana

SKU: 013

We have PENS available in black or red = used to write on the dry erase decals

Caps no magnets with Dry Erase Decals
SKU: 056C
  • No Minimum Order!
  • White or Yellow dry erase decal
  • Pens available for only $1.00 each
  • You Can Create Your Own Message!
  • Durable and lightweight, easy to handle and stock.
  • Highest visibility. 
  • Organize your Shipping/Receiving Operations Today!
Caps with Slogan or Letter
SKU: 074*
Stay organized with these pieces of equipment supply.

Slogans and letters are available on both Flags and Caps. For complete service control we offer slogans and the letters A through Z.

Don't see the slogan you want? Just call 800-344-7426 and ask about other slogans available.

-NO minimum order!
-Shielded magnets secure cap to roof.
-Durable and lightweight, easy to handle and stock.
-Highest visibility.
-Color code your service writers or technicians.

Inventory Control Labels/Dots   ( 500/roll )                             4" Diameter

Warehouse managers, logistics managers are identifying shipping dates, inventory status and quality control checks with our wide selection of available pre-printed labels or design your own!  

 ( 4 Inches in Diameter for highest visibility! )

To order : Specify Slogan - Specify Color Background - Specify Color Imprint 

Eliminates loading errors

  • Provides pallet identification
  • Process control
  • Inspection & testing coordination
  • Control of non-conforming products
  • Inspection quarantine labeling
  • Designate Each day a specific Color = Visual control of Bottlenecks & Backlogs!





Service Control - Magnetic Color Vision
SKU: 058*
No Minimum Order On Our Magnetic Color Vision Equipment Supply Cap!

-$6.05 each.
-Shielded magnets secure cap to roof without damaging roof. 
-Durable and lightweight, easy to handle and stock. Highest visibility.
-Strong holding power from high-quality magnets.
-Color code your service writers or technicians by buying multiple colors. (Available in 13 Colors)
-Actual size - five inches tall with a ten inch base.

Available with 360 degree decals

  • Daily Time and Job Tickets: Using daily time & job tickets gives your Indiana State warehouse an easy, convenient way to keep records of the length of time your warehouse employees and personal have worked.
  • Dispensers, Racks & Posting Tubs: Our dispensers are great for holding saran wrap, packaging material as well as anything that is on a roll! Our posting tubs come in handy for transporting, sorting and posting files. The handles on the side make it easy for carrying around your warehouse in Indiana State. Order racks are great for holding all of your warehouse orders and other paperwork. Available in 12 and 18 pockets
  • Keytags, Key Cabinets & Key Panels: It is important to keep keys safe and organized. Our key racks and panels come in: 28 hook, 30 hook, 60 hook, 100 hook, combo locking key cabinets, key locking cabinets and hanging key panels for your warehouse in Indiana State.
  • Warehouse Marking Pens: Are you trying to advertise to those around you in Indiana State? Our warehouse marking pens are just what you need! Our pens allow you to draw on a cars glass windshield. Dry erase markers make your life a breeze. You can now share your message easier than ever before.
    Pen colors include black, red, white yellow.
  • Warehouse Trash Bags: We carry heavy duty trash bags! Our can liners range from 10 gallons to 62 gallons and come in clear or black rolls. We also have yellow hazardous material trash bags.
  • Work Ticket Holders: Our stitched job ticket holders can help your Indiana State warehouse with a number of uses including manufacturing, record storage, inventory control or anywhere records need to be organized and stored. Constructed to last with heavy duty soft plastic.
  • Quality Control Cap: Design your own color-coded system with our Quality Control Cap. Our cones will make your life easy when it comes to process control, inspection and testing coordination and help to eliminate loading errors. Pallet control cones are available in a variety of different colors.
  • Pallet Control Cones & Inventory Control Cones: Eliminate your loading errors with our Pallet Control Caps and Inventory Control Caps. . Designed for pallet identification at your Indiana State location. Available with or without magnets or they can be numbered. Pallet control cones are available in a variety of different colors.
  • Security Control Cones: Our cones allow you to customize your messages and work great for gated communities in Indiana State. Magnet colors help indicate different personnel in your area. Used by Airports, Border Patrol, and Port Checkpoints. Magnets can be purchased numbered or blank with a dry erase decal.

Cee-Jay, Serving Indiana State with warehouse supplies, loading dock supplies and stockroom supplies: